Helpful hints to a successful move

If you have decided to take on the task of packing & moving your boxes yourself, you may want a couple of pointers to help you keep your sanity and property intact.

1. Use generous amount of packing paper when padding contents. use newspaper, packing paper, or bubble wrap.

2.  Always pack dishes on their sides.  Never stack the dishes flat, the weight of stacked dishes could crush your fine china.

3.  Always tape the bottom of your boxes.

4. Label your boxes ( label and /or color code) what room the box goes to, and briefly describe the contents.  If you color code your boxes, place the appropriate color at the entrance to each room at the new house.

5.  Try not to sweat the small stuff.   On moving day tensions can easily run high, when moving.  ( Moving is rated in the top 5 most stressful )  Moving can be exciting & stressful at the same time.  But if you look at the idea of this task with humor and relax a bit, you’ll have a much better time.  So take things in stride and overcome and conquer:)

6.  Use visqueen  to keep your furnitures door and drawers secure while moving them, a lot cheaper that repairing damage.

7.  If possible place your boxes in a corner of your garage and start bringing boxes in one at a time, to save the feeling of  claustrophobia and frustration.  There may be boxes that needs to be unpacked right away,  mark box PRIORITY so you can sort these boxes from the others.

8.  Blankets and straps are worth their weight in gold.  Damage is more likely to  happen during the transportation to the new residence or business.  There is no such thing as being over cautious with blankets and straps.  If you do not have straps, rope will do.

9.  Secure your load.

10.  Never … Never…  Yank, pry, or force items loose if tangled around other items.  TAKE YOUR TIME

11.  Keep a box with you that will not be sent in the moving truck, this will contain:

*  important papers. Contact numbers and dates of installs from cable/satellite, PG&E, Telephone, and all the other appointments you scheduled.

*  Medication. It is often that my customers are searching for medication that needs to be taken, but not clear which box it is in.  Clearly mark important boxes,                               ( example:  MEDICATION PRIORITY)

*  Car keys, wallet, purse. During moving day items are being packed by multiple people, and things can easily get misplaced.  Keep important items that you will need all together.

Good organization will minimize stress and frustration come moving day.  Once again don’t forget…   DO NOT sweat the small stuff.     Good luck with your move:)

If you decide to use a moving company research your moving companies

*  Check Public Utilities Commission for moving companies that are licensed and insured.

*  Get recommendations from friends, family and Realtors.

* Check websites for reviews

Call me with any questions you may have, with no obligation to use us.








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