The Cleaning Checklist for Moving-In and Move-Out

The Cleaning Checklist for Moving-In and  Move-Out

By Anne Kemp,  eHow Contributor


              Anne Kemp

Anne Kemp has been writing since 1998.  She is a  columnist for the “Frederick News-Post.” a newspaper that is circulated in the  D.C.-metro area, and she also writes a blog for FNP Online.  Kemp attended the  University of Maryland at Baltimore County and is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in  English at the University of California, Los Angeles.

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Prepare for  your move with a checklist for cleaning your home.

Moving day is  always stressful, and making sure everything gets cleaned may be the last thing  on your mind. Prepare for your move with a cleaning checklist for both moving  out of your old home and moving into your new one. Creating the checklist in  advance means you won’t have to worry about forgetting anything on moving  day.

  1. Kitchens

    • Wash and sanitize counters, sinks, and stove tops. Clean the microwave and  oven inside and out. Empty and clean the cabinets and cupboards. Empty the  refrigerator, then defrost it and scrub it.


    • Wash and sanitize the sink and counters, and scrub the toilet. Empty and  clean the medicine cabinet, along with any other cabinets or shelves. Scrub the  bathtub or shower, paying attention to any dirty grout or tile. Clean the floor  and mirrors.

    Living Areas and Bedrooms

    • Make sure the baseboards and switch plates are clean of any dirt or scuff  marks. Wipe down windows and windowsills, and make sure that any vents are wiped  off with a wet rag. Wipe down closet walls and dust shelves that were used for  storage. Whether moving in or out, vacuum or mop floors as a last step, since  dirt will be tracked in and out during the moving  process.


    • Make sure that any paint repairs have been handled for the exterior of the  home, porch or deck area. If you have a yard, remove any trash and tend to any  yard work such as weeding or mowing. Painting and yard work will likely need to  be done before moving day.

    Odds and Ends

    • Run a smoke detector check, replacing any dead batteries. Make sure the light  bulbs work in all overhead lights or ceiling fans. Dust the blades of ceiling  fans. Patch any holes in the walls from hanging pictures or mirrors. Turn in or  pick up any necessary  keys

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