Packing / Unpacking

When moving, packing can be an arduous task. At WE MOVE IT,  we can take care of all your packing needs swiftly and effectively. If you decide to pack many of your items yourself, our packing professionals have supplied a few pointers and suggestions

  • Mark all boxes to indicate what is in each box.
  • Put heavier items in smaller boxes and light bulky items in larger boxes in order to keep boxes from splitting or crushing.
  • Use newer, studier boxes. Old boxes that have been used time and time again to transport different items are unsafe. Pack with boxes you know will keep your items safe and sound.
  • When packing a box, place heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top.
  • Pack all boxes to their maximum capacity and, if possible, add paper to prevent movements that will cause damage and noise.
  • After closing each box, make sure you tape the box at all openings as well as tape around the box to ensure stability.
  • When packing dishes, make sure that each dish is separately wrapped with paper or bubble wrap and there is padding on the bottom of the box as well as in between each individual item. Cover the top of the items to ensure tightness and security.
  • Clothing can be packed in wardrobe boxes. Wardrobes will hold approximately 20 hangers depending on the size of garments. Your clothing will reach you clean and wrinkle-free. You may also pack clothing items in suitcases.
  • Medium-sized boxes or linen boxes are a terrific fit for linens, shoes, pots and pans, toys, and all other relatively light-weight items.
  • Canned goods should be packed upright in small, sturdy cartons.
  • Mowers and gasoline powered tools should be drained of gas and oil.


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